Novel Perspectives: Experiences in Virtual Realities

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SpheresVirtual reality is really a sly misnomer, for as a survey of the variety of experiences at hand (or eye?) in the Second edition of the Vr pavilion in 75th Venice International Film Festival reveals—there is nothing more real about Vr than any other artistic experience. The Vr experiments, trials, and installations at Venice’s Vr pavilion run the gamut of the possible: from the most banal mainstream promo plug A Discovery of Witches, to the awe-inspiring creative science trilogy, Spheres: Chorus of the Cosmos, to the thoughtful, art-inspired VR_I. A two-day stroll through the once plague-infested halls of the Vr pavilion (the 30 virtual reality worlds are installed in a leprosarium on its own island, Lazzaretto Vecchio) is a good introduction into the potentials and qualities of this new art and technology during its still-awkward nascence.The Primacy Of SPACEAnd birth is indeed the visual simile intended in In the Cave,
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