Who Is Riverdale’s Gargoyle King? It Could Be Anyone

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Who Is Riverdale’s Gargoyle King? It Could Be Anyone
Even though there hasn't been a Riverdale/Chilling Adventures of Sabrina crossover yet, it looks like a bit of Greendale's magic has crossed over into Riverdale. Aside from the fact that Archie pleads guilty to a murder he didn't commit, the most shocking moment of Riverdale's season three premiere is the discovery Jughead makes in the woods after the trial. Apparently, there's a "Gargoyle King" haunting the town, and wait, what?

After Dilton Doiley visits Jughead to warn him about the mysterious creature, Jughead takes the investigation into his own hands when Dilton goes missing. Fortunately, the scout leader leaves behind some clues: a map pointing to the forest and a drawing of a creature that's somehow come to life from a game.

But what Jughead discovers is even more disturbing than the giant monster itself. He finds Dilton, along with Ben from Greendale, kneeling in front of what looks like a monster's skeleton,
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