The Good Doctor Round Table: Should Shaun Give Lea a Chance?

All of the characters got time to shine on The Good Doctor Season 2 Episode 3, and that gave us a lot to chat about in the Round Table.

Below TV Fanatics Rachelle Lewis, Jasmine Blu, and Paul Dailly discuss Claire's decision, Morgan's mean remarks and so much more.

Claire decided against Melendez's decision in the O.R. React!

Rachelle: It was great and powerful. The whole episode of Claire voicing her opinion and standing up for what she feels is right was amazing.

She had a tough call to make regarding her patient, and she went with her gut. Claire has guts, and it is one of the reasons she will make a great doctor. It also showed Melendez that she can’t be pushed around and won’t agree with him simply because he is her superior.

Jasmine: I Loved it! It was long overdue because she has a tendency of being cast aside,
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