The Silver Screen Meets The Great White Way

Kayti Burt Oct 11, 2018

From Mean Girls to Waitress, there’s a symbiotic relationship between film and musical theater.

This article originally appeared in Den of Geek's New York Comic Con magazine...

The Lion King musical has made more than $8 billion dollars for The House of Mouse in its 21-year run on Broadway. While most film-to-stage productions will never see this kind of success, over the past two decades, movie studios have become increasingly invested in developing stage productions based on their already-existing catalogues of cinematic content.

“People often incorrectly assume that movies have more potential to make money than live stage productions,” says Marisa Sechrest, who works as Paramount Pictures’ live stage representative. “While the revenue from a movie is generally more of a bell curve, a successful live show can run for decades with multiple productions running simultaneously in different markets worldwide.”

This is where someone like Sechrest comes in,
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