Film Feature: Remembers Burt Reynolds

Chicago – The Bandit. Gator. The Man Who Loved Women. Jack Horner. Burt Reynolds played all these roles, in a roller coaster career that encompassed three eras of film and television. Reynolds died last month at age 82, taking with him a different breed of movie star, one that stole a scene with a self assured wink, mischievous smile and high pitched laugh.

Burt’s on-screen career began in 1958, and he had the distinction of being a regular on a hit TV show (“Gunsmoke”) in the 1960s, a movie star in the 1970s (“Smokey and the Bandit”) and ‘80s, and then back to TV (winning an Emmy for “Evening Shade), before getting his only Oscar nomination for “Boogie Nights.” His later career was notable for essentially being Burt Reynolds, as his second generation fans went on to produce shows like “Archer,” where Burt voices himself as Burt, and despite being named a
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