Biff Review: ‘Black Site’ is an Existential, Throwback Sci-Fi Horror

Mankind found a way to overpower its Gods in Tom Paton’s throwback sci-fi horror Black Site. After discovering that Elder Gods were in-hiding and draining our planet of its most precious resource (people) for millennia, humanity found ancient incantations to bind them and ultimately deport them back from whence they came with no chance of return. It’s the type of knowledge that could disenfranchise the masses with proof of our “creators” being nothing more than a malignant species from far away that craves our souls as food. So those in the know reinforce the lie by building so-called “black sites” with the off-grid capability of facilitating the incarceration and expulsion of these nightmare fuel Lovecraftian monsters. And right now one is preparing to do exactly that.

One man’s enemy is another’s salvation, though. If enough people see Elder Gods as their makers, they’ll surely sacrifice themselves if asked.
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