Busan Film Review: ‘Sew the Winter to My Skin’

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Busan Film Review: ‘Sew the Winter to My Skin’
The admirable ambition to frame the film with all the iconoclastic, outlaw verve of its rogue antihero is both the making and the unmaking of “Sew the Winter to my Skin,” the proto-Western sophomore feature from rising South African powerhouse Jahmil X.T. Qubeka. As shown in his well-received noir-indebted debut “Of Good Report,” Qubeka has filmmaking energy to burn, but this time it sparks and flares over much broadened horizons — often literally, in the form of returning Dp Jonathan Kovel’s striking landscape photography, featuring vistas so huge they have visibly different weather on one side than the other.

But the narrative enlargement is less successful: While the project of infusing a local legend with grandly cinematic, mythic status is a worthy one, the film can’t quite get out of its own way, and the result is incoherently at odds with itself, with two outsized personalities — the hero John
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