Girls with Balls Review – Grimmfest 2018

  • HeyUGuys
When a film announces itself with such a deliberately and unapologetically brash title, it’s clear the filmmakers have probably tried their very best to entertain the intended audience of trash cinema connoisseurs. Thankfully, this knockabout horror/comedy – which is something akin to the characters of Bring It On taking a Wrong Turn – more or less delivers on that promise, but there’s also a fun take on female empowerment and resourcefulness amongst the lashings of gloopy splatter. And any film of this kind which begins with a country singer setting the scene through a ditty – who then periodically crops throughout to comment on the action – is undeniably worth a watch.

After a fun, whizzy Edgar Wright-like montage introducing us to the highly-competitive, merciless netball team The Falcons, we’re soon whipped away to the French countryside as the team make their way to another match. Rattling along in an Rv,
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