Working Girl had power suits and female ambition. But where’s the modern equivalent?

The 80s movie celebrated women striving to get ahead. Now 30 years on, Hollywood seems to want to put women in their place

The women in Working Girl looked amazing in their power suits. How do professional female characters dress now? Cyrus, by email

I like the cut of your jib, Cyrus! Any man who spends his evenings not just watching but Re-watching Working Girl is welcome to sit by me. And you are right, women don’t wear power suits in movies any more, but that is because women in real life don’t wear power suits these days. In fact, one of the most interesting fashion stories told in Working Girl, aside from that it really is possible to pay $6,000 for an item of clothing and “it’s not even leather”, is that you can see the power suit changing shape in this late-80s movie, shifting to something decidedly more 90s.
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