Movie Review – The Snarling (2018)

The Snarling, 2018.

Directed by Pablo Raybould.

Starring Laurence Saunders, Chris Simmons, Ben Manning, and Pablo Raybould.


An English village is taken over by a film crew making a zombie movie. A group of locals finds a way onto the production in hopes of getting famous. The real horror begins when something starts killing locals and crew, leading an investigator and his unlucky sergeant Haskins to figure this mess out.

Nailing the perfect horror comedy is hard. Balancing the two genres and making the most of the juxtaposition is a daunting task many filmmakers have tried, but rarely nailed. For every Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil, you get plenty of Scary Movie sequels. To its credit, The Snarling manages to land right in the middle. The comedy outweighs the horror in this “horror comedy,” but the film still feels like its made with horror-filled love.

The film starts with a pretentious
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