‘Black Site’ Review #2

Stars: Lauren Ashley Carter, Jessica-Jane Stafford, Sophia Del Pizzo, Angela Dixon, Jake Francis, Samantha Schnitzler, Bentley Kalu, Fredi ‘Kruga’ Nwaka, Phoebe Robinson-Galvin, Kris Johnson, Toby Osmond, Mike Beckingham, Alana Wallace | Written and Directed by Tom Paton

Not one but Three kick-ass powerful leading ladies. Break-neck fight choreography straight out of The Raid. A spellbinding and ear tickling 80s retro synth score. A chilling Lector-esque performance that gave this reviewer the Heebie Jeebies. Action, Elder Gods with a Lovecraftian mythology twist. Tom Paton brings all of this in his game changing must see genre defying, sleek, stylised, adventurous ode to John Carpenter for a modern audience.

Finally Black Site has had its sold out premiere at Frightfest down in London (sadly 365 could not make it). However this means that finally I can bring you my review. Now I will say right up front that if you listen to our podcast you
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