Indie Spotlight: In Comedy Webseries ‘IndigNation,’ Three Wildly Different People Ditch America To Create Their Own Country

In IndigNation, three very different people band together to create their own nation after getting tired of the U.S.’s political sphere. The series’ first episode, ‘The Name,’ premiered on YouTube Sept. 25, and introduces viewers to exhausted ex-political aide Wes (Philip Casale), witty flower-child activist Beth (Lyssa Mandel), and self-obsessed, wine-drinking housewife Eleanor (Melissa Harkness).

The three aren’t exactly cozy bedfellows — as evidenced by their struggle, throughout the three-minute episode, to name their new nation. The series’ further five episodes, which will be released on Harkness’ YouTube channel, will be equally as bite-sized, following the unlikely trio as they try to compromise on the minutiae of their new nation...including electing a president.

IndigNation serves up great comedic timing, a healthy dose of self-awareness, and some good old camera looks straight out of The Office.

The series is co-produced by Harkness and her sister, Marian Harkness.

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