‘The Nap’ Cues Up For Long Con, Scratches: Broadway Review

  • Deadline
The Nap, Broadway’s latest laugh from London, tries to fool us and sometimes does, though not in ways playwright Richard Bean might have intended. Teased with the appealing prospect of an evening of Martin McDonagh-lite, we’re quickly handed a cartoon con job.

No offense to Snooker fans here, there or anywhere, but a comedy built around the game’s intricacies and milieu is bound to lose some bite when rules need more set-up than jokes.

Well-reviewed in London, and with real possibility promised by a good cast, a strong director in Daniel Sullivan and a playwright with an earlier stateside gem, The Nap begins to disappoint fast.

So, some exposition of my own. Snooker is a billiards-like game, nap is the fuzzy surface of the table and the British apparently love
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