Seth Rogen Gets Pickled in Strange New Comedy

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Seth Rogen Gets Pickled in Strange New Comedy
Seth Rogen has lined up his next comedy project and it sounds like something only he could possibly pull off. Rogen and his longtime producing partner Evan Goldberg are in negotiations with Sony to produce the Seth Rogen Pickle Movie, that will see Rogen play a man who is preserved in a pickle barrel for 100 years, only to emerge after a century in the middle of modern day, hipster Brooklyn, New York. Yes, really.

The untitled is based on the novella Sell Out, published by The New Yorker in 2013. The story sees a young man by the name of Herschel Greenbaum, who works at a pickle factory in the early 1900s. One day he falls into a factory pickle barrel and, as stated previously, he reemerges 100 years later in Brooklyn. It's a very bizarre play on the whole man out of time/fish out of water story. The real twist
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