‘South Park’: Top 40 greatest episodes ranked worst to best

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‘South Park’: Top 40 greatest episodes ranked worst to best
South Park,” Comedy Central’s hit series centered around four foul-mouthed young boys in a small Colorado town, has returned for its 22nd season. To celebrate this momentous occasion, we’ve got the 40 greatest episodes of the series, ranked from worst to best. Click through our photo gallery above and see if your favorite episodes made it on to the list.

The show made its debut in August of 1997 with the infamous pilot, “Cartman Gets an Anal Probe,” which quickly established the show’s humor and raunchy themes. Most critics were, at first, not very fond of the series. The consensus of their reactions found that the show was vulgar, childish, and low-brow. While critics were not kind to it, the show quickly found an audience. The pilot received just short of a million viewers. By the time the first season concluded, the program had become Comedy Central’s biggest
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