Maniac Blurs Line Between Movies and TV More Than Ever

David Crow Sep 25, 2018

We examine how Emma Stone and Jonah Hill's new Netflix show, Maniac, may be the most cinematic TV series ever produced.

This article contains Maniac spoilers.

We’ve been here before. That was the immediate sensation at seeing the underlying Npb labs wherein the fantastical drug tests of Maniac occur. With the circular white table surrounded by a series of wide chairs, and a central overhead light that’s buttressed by a ring of cabinet-shaped television screens, everything about the set is intimately familiar for those who’ve viewed one of the most iconic scenes in science fiction history—the one where an alien pops out of John Hurt’s chest and onto the dinner table in Ridley Scott’s Alien.

However, this homage, which is one of the most overt in Maniac, is more than just an intertextual reference that has been reduced to the
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