New Joker Set Pic Reveals Tons Of Cool Batman Easter Eggs

Earlier this week, the internet collectively lost their minds at the first photos of Joaquin Phoenix in full Joker regalia shooting a scene taking place in a subway station. While those pictures were pretty amazing, this shot of the Gotham City subway map (seen below) being used in Joker is absolutely crammed full of references to Batman’s cinematic history, the Arkham series of video games and prominent comic book writers and artists from across the years.

Now, I’m not a certified Batmanologist, but I like to think I know my stuff. So, we have the Snyder District (this could either reference Zack Snyder or writer Scott Snyder), stations called Nolan Lane and Kane County, and references to Jim Starlin, Steve Englehart, Alan Grant, Grant Morrison and Dave McKean. This might be where my Bat knowledge runs dry, but there’s a ton of names on this map, so
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