Film Review: Immortal Demon Slayer: The Legend of Wu Kong (2017) by Derek Kwok

Based on the smashing Jin Hezai’s web novel Wukong Biography, “Wu Kong” introduces to the public a young and romantic Sun Wu kong, the popular Chinese hero best known as Monkey King.

This umpteenth version, released in China in July 2017 and directed by Derek Kwok (who had also co-directed with Stephen Chow “Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons” in 2013) follows numerous previous adaptations, spanning from movies to TV series and video games but this time its purpose – as it seems – is to appeal to younger audiences. As a matter of fact, the movie is intended as a prologue of the Ming dynasty novel “Journey to the West” and narrates the adventures of a young Monkey King and the capers that made him the hero-on-a-mission we all know and love. Or at least it tries …

At the beginning of the movie, a long descriptive graphic prologue
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