Is Disney Pinning Too Much On Tron: Legacy?

As hard as it may be to believe, while everyone here at Tmp are massive movie geeks...we don't always agree on things (just look at the division on the Thor trailer).  What results are debates behind the scenes on some of the biggest movies coming out, so we've decided to share some of those arguments.  This time around we tackle the issue of Tron: Legacy.  Some of us believe that it will be the next big thing and defy all expectations, while others feel Disney may be putting too many of it's eggs into that hi-rez basket.

Opening Statements:

Jordan: Tron is opening this week, and I for one believe that it's going to rock.  Despite some of the early reviews that are somewhat negative, there are plenty of positive reviews hitting the Internet as well.  Groundswell has been building on this movie for years, so there's no way
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