Interview with Lu Feng, A Shaw Brothers Legend and Icon

DragonFest is a two-day martial arts expo held every August at the Pickwick Convention Center in Burbank, California. I was fortunate to attend both days of the expo and I met many fabulous vendors and some big name martial arts stars. The one I traveled 3,000 miles to see was my favorite Shaw Brothers Living Legend and Icon, Master Lu Feng!

On Sunday, August 26, 2018, I had the pleasure of watching Master Lu Feng give a seminar on making films in the 1970s and showing his fans his magnificent skills with weaponry. He also answered questions and gave his fans a few pointers before he led them in a skill set.

After this wonderful display of skill, Master Lu Feng was generous with his time and sat with me to do a quick interview. Thank you to Christopher Sin for translating!

Lu Feng, me, Lily Sun(Lu’s wife)

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