Exclusive Interview: Alexis Kendra Opens Up About ‘The Cleaning Lady’ And Her Love Of ‘Hellraiser’

Alexis Kendra Interview for The Cleaning Lady

The Cleaning Lady screened at this year’s Arrow Video Frightfest, and told the troubling story of a cleaning lady Shelly (Rachel Alig) who becomes obsessed by her perfect boss Alice (Alexis Kendra). Telling some very dark truths, The Cleaning Lady is a film that slowly works up to the action and trauma, and has some very unsettling moments.

Whilst at Frightfest, we sat down with leading lady Alexis Kendra to get the full lowdown on the project. Given that, in addition to starring in the film, she also produced and co-wrote the piece, she was the perfect person to interrogate. Find out all about the shooting process, where that opening idea came from, and her love of Hellraiser‘s Clare Higgins, below:

As we speak, The Cleaning Lady is screening to the Frightfest audience, what do you hope audiences are going to make of The Cleaning Lady?
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