‘A-x-l’ Film Review: Robot-Dog Tale Is a Bucket of Bolts and Borrowed Ideas

  • The Wrap
If you’ve ever wondered what would happen if you crossed Air Bud with a Terminator, you’re in the very specific target demographic for Oliver Daly’s “A-x-l.” It’s a family movie about a boy and his robot dog, in which the dog is a giant metal monstrosity with glowing red eyes, permanently bared razor-sharp teeth, buzzsaws in its mouth and a brow that’s been welded into the “angry” position. At one point, it punches through a car while trying to murder somebody.

To quote Norville Barnes in “The Hudsucker Proxy”: “You know … for kids!”

There’s a reason why this canine is a killer. “A-x-l” is about a top secret government experiment to create the perfect “war dog,” which can kill people, diffuse bombs, blow itself up, and for some reason do laser disco shows.

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