When Sun-Block Spoiled Greatness: Blade is 20 Years Old

Tom Jolliffe looks back at Blade, after it turns 20…

I remember it well. I remember it like it was only 10 years ago in fact, but it’s not. It has been 20 years. A tired action genre. A few brief flashes of excitement here and there. Schwarzenegger and Stallone were tiring and in their attempts to branch out, were doing largely dreadful films. Van Damme and Seagal were now disappearing into straight to video obscurity. Nic Cage was a one man saviour of the genre, between The Rock, Face/Off and Con Air.

Still, prior to The Matrix flipping everything on its head, audiences wanted something a bit different. Something potentially genre-redefining. Then came Blade and it came so, so close. For one thing, it would spark off the potential for Marvel hit movies and came after Batman (for the rivals) had hit a disastrously campy iceberg in the form of Batman and Robin.
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