Trailer For FrightFest Debuter ‘Ravers’

The trailer for the upcoming film Ravers, which will make its debut at FrightFest, the UK’s premiere horror festival, which kicks off today, has landed online.

The film stars Georgia Hirst, Manpreet Bambra, Danny Kirrane, Maria Volk, Kamal Angelo Bolden, Olivier ‘The Dutch Giant’ Richters and Natasha Henstridge, and will make its debut at FrightFest this Saturday, 25th August.

Set in an illegal night-time rave, in a factory where contaminated energy drinks caused a worker to go fatally berserk, that turns into a nightmare. As a forgotten batch of the drink is found and consumed by drunken ravers, a truly terrifying physical transformation takes over and those unaffected try to escape in panic. Becky (Hirst), a germophobic journalist, reluctantly there to cover the event, is trapped among the increasingly hostile crowd of dancers, and to save herself and her friends, she must overcome her deepest phobias to help them get out alive.
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