Anime Review: Junji Ito Collection (2018) by Shinobu Tagashira

Adapting the works of the famous horror Mangaka, “Junji Ito Collection” is an anthology series, which showcases both the creator’s favorites as well as fan favorites. Animated by Studio Deen, the series was co-produced by Crunchyroll and was broadcasted through the service worldwide in eight different languages. On physical release, the series included two Ova’s focusing on the character of “Tomie” (Not covered in this review). With some of It’s work previously been adapted into live action (“Tomie” “Long Dream”) and anime (“Gyo”) to mixed reception, the series collects 24 of Ito’s personal favorites, putting them into 12 episodes. The content, although all horror focused, does also contain some fantasy and comedic elements.

The enjoyment of the segments will depend on the viewer’s personal preference, and as a result offers a varied experience. Although Ito’s work does have some elements of comedy within his absurd concepts,
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