Nicolas Cage Joins Thriller 'Grand Isle'

Nicolas Cage Joins Thriller 'Grand Isle'
Nicolas Cage is to star in a crime thriller about a man framed for murder.

The Oscar-winning actor has been attached to star in 'Grand Isle' and will play a character named Walter, according to sources close to the production.

The story centers on a father who is framed for murder and must prove his innocence through recalling a twisted and dark sequence of events.

It is set to be directed by Stephen S. Campanelli and Iver William Jallah. Campanelli previously directed the Olga Kurylenko thriller 'Momentum' and indie drama 'Indian Horse, but is also known for his camera work on several Clint Eastwood movies, including 'Sully,' 'American Sniper,' and 'Million Dollar Baby.'

Jallah is a newcomer, who is credited alongside Rich Ronat on the script for 'Grand Isle.' The movie is being produced by Jeff Rice Films and Village Studios.

Cage has most recently been seen in genre movies 'Mom and Dad' and 'Mandy' and heard in animated features 'Teen Titans Go! To the Movies' and 'Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.'

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