Vo WIlliams Q&A: The Man Behind The Music on Your Favorite Television Shows Opens Up

California based musician, Vo Williams calls his music Epic Hip Hop, and that is the perfect way to describe it. His tracks are claustrophobic, anxiety driven. The sort of sound that makes you move a little faster, speak a little louder, hit a little harder. It's action movie music.

That is perfect because you can hear Vo Williams' tracks on some of the most action-heavy shows currently on television. His music fuels the backdrop of the powerful, socially forward Empire, the ambitious and musically intense Atlanta. And most appropriately the action-packed Lethal Weapon series.

Vo Williams is himself ambitious, with powerful opinions of his own. After making a move from Sarasota, Fl to Los Angeles, Ca, Williams found a rebirth in his creative energy and subsequently hit his first big break with his music being featured in the international trailer for "Big Game."

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Williams took
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