All 43 Video Game Movies Ranked, Including ‘Rampage’ (Photos)

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All 43 Video Game Movies Ranked, Including ‘Rampage’ (Photos)
Video game movies have a bad reputation because, well, there are very few that we’d call “good.” At their best, at least so far, the big screen versions of video games have been fun and trashy entertainment. At their worst, however, they’re as bad as anything else we’ve ever seen in a movie theater.

So let’s rank ‘em!

41. “Postal” (2008)

The pinnacle of director Uwe Boll‘s string of horrendous video game movies (he has five that qualify for this list by getting theatrical releases somewhere), but to be fair it’s probably still a better work of art than the game it’s based on.

40. “Alone in the Dark” (2005)

House of the Dead” briefly tricked us into thinking Uwe Boll was a camp master, but his next video game movie, “Alone in the Dark,” was such an incomprehensible slog that I have never been able to
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