The Endless Review

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Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead’s 2014 fantasy horror Spring was a scintillating cine-fusion mending Lovecraftian crankiness within a credible tale, accomplished via authentic, otherworldly characters and a unique central concept. Their follow-up, The Endless (a pseudo-sequel to 2012’s Resolution) is much bolder and ambitious, twisting ostentatious, lobe nipping hypothesis with warped astrology, astronomy and supernatural whimsy. But, unlike Spring, its characters and arcs are arid, and not salient enough to govern a limp (in the latter half) plot-line.

After escaping a “UFO death cult”, middle aged brothers Aaron and Justin (played by the writer/directors) slip into a weary life working low paid jobs until one day they receive a package containing a dusty digital cassette; the contents of which prompts the pair to return to the death cult (Camp Arcadia) to solve the mystery of the tape and find out who sent it.

The Endless is a low budget,
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