‘Die Zombiejager’ Review

Stars: Martin Brisshäll, Nick Holmquist, Christian van Caine, Margareta Strand, Erich Silva, Aldo Cunei, Mads Koudal, Yohanna Idha, Jonas Lübeck, Helena Karlsson, Andreas Andersson, Maud Sjögren, Hyse Gashi | Written by Jonas Wolcher, Petter Hörberg | Directed by Jonas Wolcher

When an epidemic outbreak occurs in Gothenburg, Sweden, the police are unable to control the situation as those infected are turned into blood thirsty zombies. With the numbers continuing to rise they barricade off the city and enlist the help of a specialist team of zombie hunters from Germany to get the city back under control. As the specialist team enter the abandoned streets of Gothenburg, they soon learn that the zombies are not the only ones inside the city. A notorious Italian assassin, a local reporter with her cameraman and an unknown sinister force who is behind the zombie epidemic.

Die Zombiejäger is a brilliantly entertaining action-horror, which despite the budget moves at a breakneck pace,
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