Hollywood’s “Disgrace Insurance” On The Rise To Cover Productions’ Sins And Losses – Produced By

For TV producers who lose their shows because their stars are racist trolls zonked out on Ambien, they have insurance for that now. It’s called “disgrace insurance,” and it covers production losses due to a wide range of disgraceful and illegal behavior by members of the cast and crew.

The ins and outs of disgrace insurance was the subject of a panel discussion today at the PGA’s 10th annual Produced By Conference, which is being held on the Paramount lot.

Bob Jellen, managing director of Hub Entertainment Insurance and the guru of disgrace insurance policies, said he’s written more than 4,000 of them, but noted that they’ve only been invoked five or six times. They cover loses due to sexual harassment, assault, drug arrests and even murder by a cast and crew member.

He noted, however, that Rosanne Barr’s Twitter meltdown that caused ABC to cancel
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