May is Wrapping Up

Each year we struggle to rev back up during the Post Oscar malaise but I think we're finally getting there. Be kind, June! Herewith highlights from April and May in case you missed 'em. xo

18 Highlights

• Soundtracking: Burlesque "Show me how you ____"

• Actors Who Should Be More Famous Elise, Rains, DeWitt, Taghmaoui, etcetera

Ashley Judd, Pulp Queen

• We The Animals watch out for this great movie coming in August

Michelle Williams in I Feel Pretty ... and other scene-stealers

• Months of Meryl: Postcards from the Edge Meryl's first great comedy

• Smackdown 1970 Five Easy Pieces, Airport, and more

• A Fantastic Woman A Dreamy Awakening

• Pfandom: Scarface Michelle's inner great actress breaks out

Isle of Dogs and Japanese Culture Riff, love letter, appropriation

Natalie Wood ♥︎ The Boys... Her connection to the seminal gay play/film

• Blueprints: Love Simon two emotional scenes

• Bernstein's Legacy now in the hands of Gyllenhaal and Spielberg?

• Contrarian Corner
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