Emmys 2018: Peak TV Equals Peak Fyc Campaigns

Each year brings more series than many thought possible. Most of them want Emmys. Some of them even deserve them. So, in the peakest of peak TV climates, who can blame the marketing teams behind them for getting creative with their For Your Consideration campaigns?

“I think that in this very crowded television landscape, you have to differentiate yourself and it’s always been about creative ideas and figuring out ways to trigger people with what you’re promoting,” says Rich Licata, the veteran awards campaigner who pioneered the idea of episode screeners when he was at HBO in the early 1990s.

He says that strategies including boxed mailers and For Your Consideration Q&A nights are no longer enough — especially the latter, now that there’s such a demand to hold them at the TV Academy’s North Hollywood headquarters that the venue had to institute a lottery system.
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