Crypt of Curiosities: Blood For Dracula (1974), Flesh For Frankenstein (1974)

In terms of horror adaptations, few stories are as well worn as Dracula and Frankenstein. From the early days of cinema until now, it feels a bit like every third genre director out there has taken a stab at adapting at least one of the classic gothics in their own voice, and the fact of the matter is that a whole lot of them don’t work. With notable exceptions here and there, a good majority of Dracula and Frankenstein spins are incredibly dull and, in an arguably worse sin, incredibly similar to each other.

Paul Morrissey’s films don’t have this problem. Working with the help of producer Andy Warhol, he managed to put out some of the most bizarre, inventive takes on the tales to ever hit the silver screen: a pair of Udo Kier-starring, gloriously campy X-rated horror films. They’re strange, they’re silly and they’re very,
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