Could the “Aliens” franchise find new life as an audio series?

Few franchises are in a more interesting spot right now than Aliens. Besides being potentially caught up in the Fox to Disney purchase, the series has been moving away from its roots. Alien and Aliens are classics, though Alien 3 is at best a mixed bag, with Alien: Resurrection a decided step down. Since then, we’ve seen two Alien vs Predator crossovers (both terrible), two Ridley Scott helmed prequels in the decent Prometheus and the underwhelming Alien: Covenant, as well as an aborted Alien effort from Neill Blomkamp that appeared to want to right the ship. With that sort of uncertainty about what a movie in this canon actually is, other efforts are being made to keep the brand relevant. Below the radar, Audible has been adapting canonical novels into radio series, and they’ve been getting the xenomporphs right too. The latest release, via Audible, is Alien: Sea of Sorrow,
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