Review: Psychokinesis, Sang-ho Yeon's Superhero Film Is Fun, Humane And Relevant

South Korea’s Yeon Sang-ho explored fantastic cinema for the first time with his diptych about a zombie invasion, Seoul Station and Train to Busan. After a couple of totally sordid animated features, The King of Pigs and The Fake, Yeon found some sort of poetic justice in Seoul Station and a taste of hope at the end of Train to Busan, the latter being his first feature length film in which not every main character have a miserable outcome. Closer to a satisfactory type of cinema, Yeon presents his second live-action movie, Netflix’s Psychokinesis, which keeps him in the fantastic genre and, at the same time, takes him to a new direction. While Train to Busan had moments of pure heroism, Psychokinesis belongs legitimately to...

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