Tribeca 2018 Dispatch: Recommended Genre Shorts

In 2018 Tribeca’s overall shorts program, as in past years, has been both vast and satisfying. Perhaps more impressively, the genre shorts are particularly strong, not just token entries included to appease certain audience segments. These, then, are some of the stand-out titles in horror, science fiction, and fantasy at Tff this year. If your first impression of Jocelyn Stamat’s Laboratory Conditions concerns its slickness, don’t worry, you’ll soon get past that. The impressive production values, the star power, the no-wrong-notes VFX/CGI—well, all of that is in service to the deeply-felt themes in Terry Rossio's script. Indeed, Marissa Tomei and Minnie Driver show what veteran actors can deliver in the short form: an economy of character development, and...

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