A Night in a Cell Becomes a Night in Hell with Against the Night on Digital This March 27th!

Against the Night is an upcoming psychological thriller. Slated for a late March release on Digital, this title will be distributed by Gravitas Ventures. The film was shot in the Holmesburg Prison, of Pennsylvania. And, the film covers themes of: paranoia, loyalty, ambition and trust. In an abandoned prison, nine friends decide to shoot a ghost hunting video. Something still lives in these dark cell blocks, however. As well, Against the Night stars: Frank Whaley (Vacancy, 2007), Hannah Kleeman and Tim Torre. The film was shot by Emmy Award winner Brian Cavallaro. A preview of the film's upcoming Digital release is hosted here. A trailer, for the film, was released in 2017. The clip shows the characters descending into the bowels of the prison. A couple of the characters get locked behind bars. Others begin to panic. And, it becomes quickly apparent that someone is there to trap everyone, deep below ground.
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