Starburst Festival 2018: ‘Torment’ Review

Stars: Bill Fellows, Bryan Murray, Cora Fenton, Sinead O’Riordan, Darren Travers | Written by Bernadette Manton | Directed by Jason Figgis

Torment is, essentially, an overwrought drama, with a supernatural bent, about the loss of a child; and sees a mother, Jane, played by Cora Fenton, target and architect as the killer of her child, proceeding to kidnap and interrogate him – all the while seemingly cracking from the pressure of losing her daughter.

Directed by Jason Figgis, who’s career – until this film – has consisted mainly of low-budget exploitation fare like the Grindsploitation series, film has two plot strands: a distraught mother coping with the loss of a child and an apparent child-murderer, trapped underground in a wooden box with only a webcam and a breathing tube being his connection to the outside world. It’s an intriguing idea – following what seems initially to be two unconnected stories, both connected to
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