OAFF2018 Award Winners and Osaka Asia Star ★ Award

We are pleased to announce Oaff 2018’s Award winners. The Audience Award will be announced at the closing ceremony on March 18th.

Grand Prix (Best Picture Award)

No. 1 Chung Ying Street [中英街一号]

Hong Kong|Director: Derek Sung-kee Chiu (趙崇基)

Most Promising Talent Award

Mikhail Red

Philippines|Neomanila Director

Best Actress Award

Iijima Shuna (飯島珠奈)

Japan|Bad Poetry Tokyo [東京不穏詩] Actress

ABC Award

Take Me To the Moon [帯我去月球]

Taiwan|Director: Hsieh Chun-Yi (謝駿毅)

Yakushi Pearl Award

Ryza Cenon

Philippines|Mr. and Mrs. Cruz Actress

Japan Cuts Award

Kushina, what will you be [クシナ]

Japan|Director: Hayami Moët (速水萌巴)

Housen Short Film Award


Japan|Director: Kanai Junichi (金井純一)

Jury Statement on Grand Prix (Best Picture Award): No. 1 Chung Ying Street [中英街一号]. What impressed us about “No. 1 Chung Ying Street” is how personally it affected us and provoked our emotions deeply, and we feel emotionally connected to the young people in this powerful and brave movie.
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