‘Living Room Coffin’ VOD Review

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Stars: Jennifer Prediger, Blake Berris, Irene Roseen, Remy Bennett, Mark Boone Junior, Johnny Pemberton, Eden Riegel, Linas Phillips, Johnny Pemberton | Written and Directed by Michael Sarrow

Its no secret that I am nothing if not a sucker for what I call the “indie darling.” By this I mean the movies that sneak out under everyone’s radar and tend to revolve around a day in the life of our central characters, not a massive great deal is going on but we are suckered into spending an hour and a half with these people, usually due to well written dialogue and well rounded performances. Living Room Coffin, at first glance, looked like it would definitely be in that category – which made it a definite watch for me!

I am going to get into Living Room Coffin‘s story in a moment but first of all I want to highlight the performance of our female lead,
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