The X-Files season 11 episode 7 review: Rm9sbG93ZXJz

Chris Longo Mar 1, 2018

The robots are coming! Mulder and Scully go on the run from machines in this week's episode of The X-Files. Spoilers ahead...

This review contains spoilers.

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11.7 Rm9sbG93ZXJz

During its original run, The X-Files was ahead of its time in its depiction of technology. Car Phones became cell phones, advanced computer forensics and virtual reality evolved, and The Lone Gunmen were doing Mr. Robot long before it was a twinkle in Sam Esmail’s eye. There were certainly some episodes that played with futurist concepts–Kill Switch and sentient AI come to mind–and alien technology was typically at the forefront of the mythology episodes, but The X-Files often kept its tech grounded in the time period. It
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