‘House of Salem’ Review

Stars: Jessica Arterton, Leslie Mills, Liam Kelly, Jack Brett Anderson, Robert Lowe, Dean Maskell, Andrew Lee Potts, Anna Nightingale | Written and Directed by James Crow

It would seem that British horror is on something of a roll at the moment. Film after film it seems filmmakers from these shores have stepped up their game tenfold, be it in an attempt to compete with their American counterparts or be it that more home-grown horror is finally seeing the light of day (a few years ago British-made product would really struggle to find distribution outside of a few small DVD labels here in the UK). Whatever it may be, it’s safe to say British horror is back with a vengeance. And James Crow’s House of Salem is a perfect example of that.

Screened Frightfest in London back in 2016, House of Salem is the latest horror film from Kent-based writer/director James Crow,
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