Binging Supernatural? Here's Why You Recognize Benny the Vampire

Perhaps one of the most adorable friendships we've seen on Supernatural is that of Dean Winchester and Benjamin Lafitte. Benny is a gentle vampire (is that an oxymoron?) who helps Dean escape from purgatory back in season eight, and in exchange, he's brought back to life . . . right before he gives Dean permission to kill him so he can return to purgatory and help Sam, who's trapped. Benny remains a fan-favorite minor character, with many of us hoping he'll return to the show someday. Have you ever wondered what else you might have seen this vampirate in? Well, look no further, because we have all the answers - and this monster has a ton of acting credits under his belt. Ty Olsson made his acting debut in the television series The X-Files in 1998. He snagged a bunch of other small television appearances like Viper, The Sentinel, The Net, and The Inspectors
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