Looking back at Stay Tuned

Paul Childs Feb 22, 2018

Stay Tuned is one the most unfairly overlooked family movies of the 1990s. Here's why we love it, and why it stands the test of time...

Spoilers for Stay Tuneed lie ahead.

What would you say dates a film or TV show?

Is it computers? Maybe, although once you get past the crazy notion of having to attach your landline receiver to a modem the size of a cereal box, WarGames still functions as a decent techno-thriller. Last year this site wrote about hacker-centric caper movie Sneakers and noted that it has actually aged rather well.

Phones perhaps? There’s a moment in Lethal Weapon where Murtaugh stops to make a call on his ‘mobile’. He gets out of his car on a bridge (an elevated point for a good signal I suppose) and has to lug a heavy looking briefcase containing the battery with him (presumably
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