Interview: Daniel Radcliffe Talks Beast Of Burden and the Need for Creative Risk-taking

The post-Harry Potter career of Daniel Radcliffe remains in full swing and has been an interesting ride filled with surprising project choices. His latest indie, Beast of Burden, a drama disguised as a thriller, sees him collaborating with arthouse-oriented Swedish director Jesper Ganslandt. Going in blind (without even reading the rather spoilerific synopsis) seems like the best course of action for Beast of Burden, since the story strives to reveal new layers that force viewers to reevaluate how they see Radcliffe’s character, Sean Haggerty. So, all we’ll say is Radcliffe portrays a former U.S. Air Force pilot, a man who begrudgingly finds himself smuggling drugs for the cartel. We had the opportunity to briefly chat with Radcliffe regarding his newest release. ScreenAnarchy: Taking a look...

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