Now on Blu-ray: Miike's Blade Of The Immortal Shreds in HD

Miike Takashi turns 100(ish) with his latest full length feature, the adaptation of hugely popular manga Blade of the Immortal. The film stars Kimura Takuya as Manji, a swordsman cursed with immortality whose only way out of his hell of eternal violence is to kill 1,000 enemies. As he dutifully takes up the challenge, he runs into a young girl named Rin whose parents were murdered. Haunted by the spectre of his own slain sister, Manji takes Rin under his wing and goes on a journey to make all of this violence mean something by avenging the girl and possibly saving his own soul. Guillem Rosset reviewed Blade of the Immortal when it screened at the prestigious Sitges Festival of Fantastic Films last summer and...

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