‘Beyond the Woods’ DVD Review

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Stars: John Ryan Howard, Mark Lawrence, Ross Mac Mahon, Claire J. Loy, Irene Kelleher, Alan Riordan, Ruth Hayes, Sean McGillicuddy | Written and Directed by Sean Breathnach

Beyond the Woods has a familiar set up, with seven friends deciding to spend a weekend away in a secluded part of the Irish countryside; although this time they have the luxury of a cottage rather than your more traditional cabin in the woods. Unfortunately for them, when they arrive the soon realise that the comforts of their cottage getaway are offset by a fiery sinkhole which has opened up in the mountains nearby. Even though the house has been deemed to be a safe distance away, the sinkhole – which is burning Sulphur at over 800 degrees – is still having an effect, thanks to the powerful odour which is almost unbearable. With a planned weekend of alcohol and smoking weed to get them through, the
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