The Campus Descends into the Inferno this February 1st through Amazon Instant

Tagline: “The Devil Will Take Your Soul...One Piece At a Time.” Jason Horton's The Campus just had a World Premiere in Hollywood, this past week. The film stars Rachel Amanda Bryant as Morgan. She is trapped in a supernatural series of planes, after her father makes a pact with the Devil. Robert C. Pullman (“Fragmented”), Brit Sheridan (“Supernatural”) and Scott Menville also star. Now, The Campus is set to show on Amazon Instant. A preview of the film's Video-on-demand is hosted here. The Campus has been reviewed on this site A The Campus Review on 28Dla. The film, written by Horton, incorporates several smaller stories in a larger narrative. Basically, there is a series of scenes with a killer a cult, another series of scenes with the undead, and another with Morgan falling apart a la Eli Roth's Cabin Fever (2002). There is a lot of material to dissect in this indie horror film.
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