Cloverfield 4 is Set in WWII and Has Already Finished Filming

  • Cinelinx
In a shocking turn of events, the Cloverfield series plans on going back in time to WWII in Cloverfield 4! While that's plenty surprising, what's even more mind-boggling is that Cloverfield 4 is already finished filming!

I suppose we shouldn't be surpised anymore when it comes to Cloverfield movies, and yet J.J. Abrams and the team with Bad Robot find ways to make moves that no one could've ever saw coming. Today's Cloverfield surprise comes after much speculation over the fate of Cloverfield 3, a.k.a. God Particle, a.k.a. Cloverfield Station, and if it will be heading to theaters or if Paramount will be selling the series to Netflix. If they did do the latter, the 4th Cloverfield in the Universe may not be too far behind.

Our friends at Slashfilm have issued a report today confirming that Cloverfield 4, a.k.a. Overlord, is a WWII thriller that has the following synopsis.
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